Sargodha District

Sargodha Tehsils Detail

Health Sargodha

Phone: 048-9230181
Fax: 048-9230084
TMA Sargodha

Transport Kot Momin

Phone: 048-6683000
Fax: 048-6683000
TMA Kot Momin

Services Shahpur Sadar

Phone: 048-6310410
Fax: 048-6310418
TMA Shahpur Sadar


Food Sillanwali

Phone: 048-6532022
Fax: 048-6532022
TMA Sillanwali

Food Bhalwal

Phone: 048-6642532
Fax: 048-6643513
TMA Bhalwal

Food Bhera

Phone: 0345-7955978
Phone: 0301-6723739
TMA Bhera

Food Sahiwal

Phone: 048-6786028
Fax: 048-6786196
TMA Sahiwal

History of Sargodha


Sargodha is a city in the Sargodha District of Punjab province, Pakistan. It is located in northeast Pakistan. It is 11th largest city of Pakistan and also known as Pakistan's best Citrus producing area. It is an agricultural trade centre with various industries. Sargodha is one of three planned cities in Pakistan (the other two are Faisalabad and Islamabad.

There are several theories as to the origins of the name. It may be derived from the Sanskrit "svargadhaama," meaning "heavenly abode." Others suggest that the name Sargodha is derived from that of a Hindu loca, Godha. Also it is believed that there was an old pond in the middle of the town where an old Hindu monk or sadhu (godha) used to live. The Hindi word for pond is "ser". Since the town had a modest population, people would refer the place as sergodha, the place where that famous Sadhu resided next to the pond.

Pakistan's largest airbase, Mushaf Airbase (formerly Sargodha Airbase), is situated in Sarghoda and hosts the headquarters of the Pakistan Air Force's Central Air Command. The airbase is also home to the Combat Commanders School (CCS), formerly the Fighter Leader's School, an elite training facility for training Pakistan Air Force pilots in fighter tactics and weapons.

Build Sargodha at 22 Feb 1903 in the hand of Governor of Punjab.
District Headquarter was "Shahpur" in 1903
It is a city of agriculture and famous for Citrus fruit (Kinow, Musami, Feeter etc).
Current Population (March 2004): 30,000,00
Area: 5854 kmĀ²